TRS Guidelines

The Texas Rising Star Provider Certification Guidelines are used by Workforce Development Board and child care contractor staff to assess and provide technical assistance to providers pursuing Texas Rising Star provider certification. The certification guidelines contain criteria for director and staff qualifications and training, caregiver-child interactions, curriculum, nutrition and indoor/outdoor activities, and parent involvement and education.

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Summary of the TRS Certification Criteria

Below is a summary of the new Texas Rising Star certification criteria. Detailed information regarding each category can be found in Section 2 of these certification guidelines. Based on the recommendations of the TRS workgroup, the 2015 TRS guidelines establish:

  • “met” or “not met” measures required at the 2-star level; and
  • points-based measures scored on a scale of 0–3 points that may lift a provider to the 3- and 4-star levels.

Each subcategory may contain only required measures, only points-based measures, or a combination of the two (see tables below).

Category 1: Director and Staff Qualifications and Training

Measures relating to the education, experience, and training of the staff, including directors and all caregivers.

Sub-Category Required (Met/Not Met) Points-Based
Director Qualifications and Training X X
Caregiver Qualifications, Orientation, and Training X
Caregiver Qualifications and Training X

Category 2: Caregiver-Child Interactions

Measures relating to the group size, caregiver:child ratio, and quality of interactions between caregivers and children in the classroom.

Sub-Category Required (Met/Not Met) Points-Based
Group Size X
Staff Ratios X
Warm and Responsive Style X
Language Facilitation and Support X
Play-based Interactions and Guidance X
Support for Children’s Regulation X

Category 3: Curriculum

Measures relating to the lesson plans, curriculum, and instructional formats that caregivers use in the classroom.

Sub-Category Required (Met/Not Met) Points-Based
Lesson Plans and Curriculum X
Planning for Special Needs and Respecting Diversity X
Instructional Formats and Approaches to Learning X

Category 4: Nutrition and Indoor/Outdoor Activities

Measures relating to the nutrition policies and practices, as well as the equipment, materials, and arrangement of the indoor and outdoor learning environment.

Sub-Category Required (Met/Not Met) Points-Based
Nutrition X X
Indoor Learning Environments X X
Outdoor Learning Environments X

Category 5: Parent Involvement and Education

Measures relating to the education and involvement of parents and families in the program.

Sub-Category Required (Met/Not Met) Points-Based
Parent Education X X
Parent Involvement X X