Continuous Quality Improvement

Continuous quality improvement (CQI) is a simple way to organize meaningful quality improvement activities for your program. This video series will introduce you to the process of CQI and how the DRC can support it. Texas Rising Star mentors are also trained to help you implement CQI before and after a site assessment.

Continuous Quality Improvement video series transcripts

What is continuous quality improvement and why is it important for Texas Rising Star?

Stop and Reflect

  • How does the idea of setting a few small improvement goals feel to you? 
  • Can you think of one small goal you could set today?

What are the steps of continuous quality improvement?

Stop and Reflect

  • Which of the steps of CQI feel achievable to you? 
  • For which steps would you like more support?

The Importance of Reflection

As Ms. Ahmed mentioned in the video, reflection is an important part of the CQI process because it helps you think carefully about the progress your program has made toward quality improvement goals.

Learn More about Reflection

How can the DRC support continuous quality improvement?

Stop and Reflect

  • Did you understand the difference between professional learning resources and practice resources? 
  • In what ways do you currently move your program staff from learning about to practicing? 
  • How can you use DRC resources to support this transition from learning to practicing for your program?

What’s next for quality?

If you are already certified Texas Rising Star, this video explores a few ideas for how to continue to improve your program.

Start Brainstorming Quality Improvement Areas

Narrowing down what quality improvement area you’d like your program to work on next can be challenging. We’ve created a brainstorming worksheet to help you analyze your data and identify areas that are most in need of attention. Use this information to select which topic areas you want to explore next. You can also share your analysis with your mentor as you create a continuous quality improvement plan (CQIP).

Download the CQI Brainstorming Worksheet

The CQIP Tool

To support the CQI process, Texas Rising Star mentors will help you develop Continuous Quality Improvement Plans, or CQIPs. These CQIPs include specific quality improvement goals and action items. CQIPs are recorded by mentors using an online tool that will automatically send you and your staff a report.

View a Sample CQIP Report