Family Engagement Toolkit

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Make the most of procedures you already have in place—like progress monitoring, homework, parent-teacher conferences, and open houses—with CLI’s Family Engagement Toolkit. Download guides and tools, discover resources to share with families, and access free professional development to foster a strong relationship between school and home!

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Resource Type: Toolkit

Age Group: Infant, Toddler, Preschool

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Website Section: Practice and Improve, Implementation Tools

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Topic: Family Education and Involvement

Category: Category 3: Program Administration

Subcategory: Category 3: Family Education, Category 3: Family Involvement

Measure: P-FE-02: Resources on Growth and Development, S-FI-02: Collaboration Regarding Challenging Behaviors, S-FI-03: Family Communication, S-FI-04: Community Resources, P-FI-01: Parent Feedback, P-FI-02: Family Conferences, P-FI-03: Family Involvement in Program Activities