Staff Training Plan Template

Staff Training Plan Template

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This template is an effortless way to document staff members’ professional development goals and training opportunities. Training opportunities should help the practitioner meet their goals while also meeting minimum requirements for clock hours and training topics. 

Age(s): Infant, Toddler, Preschool, School-age

Part of: Practice and Improve, Practice Opportunities

Topic: Child Care Regulations, Maintaining Staff Records, Staff Training Plans

Category: Category 1: Director and Staff Qualifications | Subcategory: Category 1: Director Qualifications and Training, Category 1: Staff Qualifications and Training | Measure: S-DQT-03-04, P-DEQT-01-05, S-COTQ-07: Director Education, Experience, and Training, S-COTQ-03-05, S-COTQ-08, P-CQT-01-02: Staff Education, Experience, and Training