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This website offers a range of digital and print materials and resources related to child care training, including a number of online courses for child care professionals seeking to fulfill state-mandated training requirements. These resources will help early childhood professionals find and complete training hours needed as related to their role.

Resource URL: https://agrilifeextension.tamu.edu/solutions/child-care-training-courses/

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Resource Type: Toolkit

Age Group: Infant, Toddler, Preschool

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Website Section: Learn, Practice Opportunities

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Topic: Maintaining Staff Records, Staff Training Plans, Staff Qualifications and Training, Director Qualifications and Training

Category: Category 1: Director and Staff Qualifications

Subcategory: Category 1: Director Qualifications and Training, Category 1: Staff Qualifications and Training

Measure: P-CQT-01: Teacher Qualifications - Centers, P-CQT-02: Teacher Qualifications - School-Age, S-DQT-03-04, P-DEQT-01-05, S-COTQ-07: Director Education, Experience, and Training, S-COTQ-03-05, S-COTQ-08, P-CQT-01-02: Staff Education, Experience, and Training