P-FE-01: Family Orientation

This measure refers to the type of information shared by an early learning program when conducting an orientation with the family at enrollment. The goal is to ensure families are informed and have an opportunity to ask questions about policies and practices at the program. Please see the Facility Assessment Record Form (FARF) for the full list of topics to include. 

Category: Category 3: Program Administration Subcategory: Family Education


In this section you will find videos, images, and/or documents that can be used to better understand this measure. These examples can also be used in conversations between mentors, directors, and/or teachers to discuss how the program's current practices compare to these examples.

Family Orientation Form
Example Document

Upon enrollment, early learning programs should provide families with key documents and have a discussion regarding the child’s enrollment. This example form ensures that the facility has provided parents/families with specific outlined information, and a family member provides their signature as confirmation.

Age(s): Infant, Toddler, Preschool, School-age