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If you are ready to target a specific measure, these pages include samples, videos, and practice opportunities that can guide your quality improvement efforts. First, choose a Texas Rising Star assessment subcategory and then choose a measure to explore the resources.


P-FE-01: Family Orientation
This measure refers to the type of information shared by an early learning program when conducting...Learn More

P-FE-02: Resources on Growth and Development
The intent of this measure is to ensure that families are being provided with a variety of resource...Learn More

P-FI-01: Parent Feedback
This measure ensures facilities allow parents to give feedback on the program, including the staff...Learn More

P-FI-02: Family Conferences
This measure examines if there is an existing policy for parent-teacher conferences and if parents ...Learn More

P-FI-03: Family Involvement in Program Activities
This measure determines if families are invited to participate in program events, such as special o...Learn More

P-IFAL-01: Intentional Instructional Activities
This measure looks at whether intentional instructional activities are balanced between teacher-di...Learn More

P-IFAL-02: Balance of Activities
This measure looks at whether the daily schedule demonstrates a balance of both teacher- and child...Learn More

P-IFAL-03: Incidental Learning
This measure refers to how consistently the teacher adds incidental learning to routines and trans...Learn More

P-IFAL-04: Planned Transition Times
This measure refers to the quality of transition times by considering how organized and prepared t...Learn More

P-IFAL-05: Repeated Exposure of a New Concept
This measure focuses on how consistently new concepts are integrated throughout the day in differe...Learn More