P-IFAL-05: Repeated Exposure of a New Concept

This measure focuses on how consistently new concepts are integrated throughout the day in different learning contexts. “Learning contexts” refer to parts of the children’s daily schedule such as lunch, circle time, outdoors, and centers. Repeating learning concepts across the day helps children make meaningful connections and build their understanding of the concept. Consider this example:

  • During whole group: Teacher reads a book about soccer to the children, and they talk about different sports. This is the introduction of the concept. 
  • During small group: That same day, the teacher has the children draw and write about their favorite sport. 
  • Outside: Later that day, children kick balls outside and the teacher connects their play to what they learned about soccer in the book. 
  • Centers: Children can make playdough soccer balls in the art center.

Category: Category 2: Teacher-Child Interactions Subcategory: Instructional Formats and Approaches to Learning


In this section you will find videos, images, and/or documents that can be used to better understand this measure. These examples can also be used in conversations between mentors, directors, and/or teachers to discuss how the program's current practices compare to these examples.

Video Example

In this Texas Rising Star exemplar there are multiple video segments which show teachers of many age groups teaching a new concept. The teachers show how they are able to carry the same concept over into many different learning environments throughout the day.

Age(s): Infant, Toddler, Preschool, School-age

Practice Opportunities

These resources include tips, strategies, activities, or specific tools related to this measure that programs can put into practice.

Different Ways to Play

Different Ways to Play, is a lesson teachers can use to help toddlers experience play in new ways. The resource highlights teacher directed instructional ideas about experiencing the rain throughout the day in different settings.

Age(s): Toddler