S-FI-03: Family Communication

This measure ensures that the early learning program has documented communication with parents and families about their child’s experiences while in care. The facility should be able to provide evidence that they are working together with the parents about decisions regarding their child’s experience, which may include written reports for children and a parent communication log. Examples of documented communication can consist of mobile apps that allow programs to communicate with parents regarding their child(ren) and an email system between the program and its families.

Category: Category 3: Program Administration Subcategory: Family Involvement

Practice Opportunities

These resources include tips, strategies, activities, or specific tools related to this measure that programs can put into practice.

Family and Teacher Goal-Setting Form
Implementation Tool

Program staff, in collaboration with the family, can use the Family and Teacher Goal-Setting Form to prioritize learning areas for the child’s targeted support and to create an action plan for learning activities both at home and at the program. By having completed forms, the program has proof that staff and families are working together to make decisions regarding the child’s experience.

Age(s): Infant, Toddler, Preschool, School-age